Farming with the environment for a sustainable future

We work in partnership with our farmers, building trust and strong lasting relationships, who produce the best quality Scottish beef and lamb to the highest welfare standards.
By rearing their livestock in harmony with their environment, our farmers demonstrate a sustainable future and commitment to the environment
Day after day, we work together to have a better impact to the environment and to become more sustainable.
We would like to show our commitment, sharing, below, some of the achievements our farmers reached in order to impact positively the environment.
85%: farmers actively reducing erosion and pollution
70%: farms having wildlife buffer strips surrounding ponds and watercourses
45%: farmers creating new ponds, planting hedges & trees, sowing wild bird seed & nectar flower blocks
30%: farmers producing energy on farm through renewable sources
25%: farmers using > 50% renewable energy within their business.
90%: farmers recycling and reducing waste
89%: farmers using low energy light bulbs in livestock buildings