J.W. Galloway was founded in 1920s by James Galloway, who owned his first butcher shop in Glasgow. Over the years the company has expanded gaining a high reputation locally for friendly customer service and exceptional quality meat products. In 1934, James Galloway opened his first meat factory at St Enoch Square, preparing meat products like sausages and meat pies to service his shops and ensure a standard quality throughout the branches. Five years later, due to continued growth, larger premises were required, and the manufacturing operation was moved to Clelland Street in the Gorbals, where it remained for 32 years.

During the late 1940’s and through the 1950’s J.W. Galloway expanded the Retail Chain to more than 54 shops throughout the central belt of Scotland. J.W. Galloway butchers were renowned for their friendly over-the-counter service, which was one of James Galloway secrets of success. As a result, the shops developed into a regular meeting place for Glasgow housewives, hence the well-known slogan “Meat at Galloways” was born. The branch under the Central Station bridge on Argyle St. became a common place for people to meet, not only because of the central position where they were located but also because they were out of the rain.